Night Auditor – Onyx Arjaan by Rotana Bahrain

Job Description
Job Summary:
We are currently seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Finance – Night Auditor at Onyx Arjaan by Rotana in Manama, Bahrain. As the Night Auditor, you will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all financial transactions during the night shift. Also, the candidate should have a good understanding of Income Audit.

Job Responsibilities:
– Conduct nightly audits of all financial transactions and activities within the hotel, including guest charges, sales, and revenue, and ensure they are accurately recorded and reconciled.
– Verify the accuracy of guest accounts by reviewing folios, monitoring charges and payments, and resolving any discrepancies.
– Prepare and distribute daily financial reports to the management team, highlighting any irregularities or inconsistencies.
– Monitor the hotel’s billing system and promptly address any issues or errors.
– Handle and resolve guest complaints related to billing or financial matters in a professional and efficient manner.
– Assist in the preparation of monthly financial statements and other financial reports as required.
– Collaborate with the front office team to accurately post charges and payments to guest accounts.
– Stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations to ensure compliance with financial policies and procedures.

Candidate Requirements:
– Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or a related field.
– Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar role, preferably within the hotel industry.
– Strong attention to detail and ability to work with numbers accurately.
– Proficient in using financial software and MS Office applications.
– communication and interpersonal skills.
– Ability to work and as part of a team.
– Good problem-solving and analytical skills.
– Fluent in English, both written and verbal.


– Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities: A Finance – Auditor the ability to analyze financial data, identify discrepancies, and propose solutions to resolve any issues that may arise during the night audit process.
– Attention to detail: It is crucial a Finance – Night Auditor to have a keen eye for detail as they will be responsible for reviewing financial records, reconciling accounts, and identifying any errors or inconsistencies.
– Proficiency in financial software and tools: A Finance – Night Auditor should be comfortable working with various financial software and tools to record and process financial transactions accurately and efficiently.
– Knowledge of accounting principles: A sound understanding of accounting principles and practices is essential for a Finance – Night Auditor to accurately record and reconcile financial transactions.
– Strong mathematical skills: A Finance – Night Auditor should have excellent mathematical skills to perform calculations, analyze financial data, and identify any discrepancies.
– Communication skills: Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential for a Finance – Night Auditor to interact with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders effectively.
– Time management skills: A Finance – Night Auditor should be able to manage their time efficiently to meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
– Confidentiality: As a Finance – Night Auditor, you will be dealing with sensitive financial data. Maintaining strict confidentiality and adhering to data protection protocols is crucial.
– Attention to regulations and compliance: A Finance – Night Auditor should have knowledge of financial regulations and compliance requirements to ensure the accurate and legal reporting of financial data.
– Customer service skills: While primarily focused on financial tasks, a Finance – Night Auditor may also interact with guests, colleagues, and other team members. Strong customer service skills will be valuable in providing a positive and professional experience.
– Strong computer skills: Proficiency in using computer systems and data entry software is essential for a Finance – Night Auditor to input, retrieve, and analyze financial data efficiently.

Please note that some specific skills may vary depending on the specific requirements of the position and the company’s industry.