Waitress at Ramada Hotel Manama Bahrain

Jobs Manama Hotel BahrainTask, Duties & Responsibilities :

1. Ensures care in handling of food and beverage items.
2. Undertakes all tasks related to the position with tact, courtesy, and in a pleasant manner.
3. Knows and uses the correct kitchen and restaurant terminology.
4. Aware of names of utensils and equipments in the operation and handling procedure.
5. Knows the names of all wines, drinks, cocktails in the beverages list and the procedure in serving.
6. Checks there is enough mise-en-place at all time in the outlet.
7. Knows cleaning of equipment in the restaurant, i.e., trolleys, lamps, brass displays etc., and are in good order.
8. Answers the telephone as per set standards and procedures.

9. Assists guests with courtesy ensuring repeat business.

10. Ensures good hygiene and grooming practices.

11. Ensures thorough knowledge of all items in the menu/wine list with proper presentations and merchandising.

12. Knows order taking procedures and delivery standards.

13. Maintains and ensures as an ongoing basis the following:
a. Quality levels of presentation and service.
b. Guest satisfaction.
c. Menu merchandising.
d. Sanitation, cleanliness, hygiene.

14. Maintain the log entry in the outlet services.

15. Ensures optimum performance in each of the above.

16. Ensures an efficient, courteous serving of Food and Beverage in the Restaurant.


Building 88, Road 351, Block 326, Bani Otbah Avenue, Adliya, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

+973 17742000

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